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About the Songs

This post contains some comments on the songs by the artist:

The album includes the following original songs:

1 Slow

2 Goodbye

3 Happy

4 Days Go By

5 Bittersweet

6 Or so We Thought

7 Closer to You

8 Someone Like You

9 Gertie My Gal

10 Nowhere

'Slow' is a mixture of acoustic and distorted electric guitars.

'Goodbye' has a slightly country/western feel. It explores what its like to be alone again.

'Happy' is a love song about one partner's promise to the other

In 'Days go By' someone questions a past relationship.

Unlike the other songs, which feature acoustic drums, 'Bittersweet' sits on top of a drum machine loop. I'm curious to see what you think.

'Or So We Thought' is about how disorienting it can be when the other person moves on. Its in 3/4 time and the chords play in a sort of spiral, especially in the choruses.

'Closer to You' is a groove driven 'guy meets girl' song.

'Someone like You' is a love song but it really applies to everyone. So you yourself are the 'you' in that song.

"Gertie" is a quirky story song with a surprise at the end. If you figure it out before then that's OK too ; )

'Nowhere' is about being where you already are, there is no need to search elsewhere.

So that's a little bit about each song. You should find lots more in there when you listen.


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