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Here I am on the Fourth of July

Fixing me up some brisket and pie

Maybe later I'll go down to the creek

Skip some stones and cool off my feet

Oh the water is so cool!

I like the way it tickles my toes

Ain't the same though without my Gertie

Now that she's up, up and gone away

My gal don't come round no more

Went off to find her own way

Was it me that made her walk out the door?

I'd ask about it but she couldn't say

Driving north in the my old pickup truck

Like me and Gertie used to do

Up to the city that she liked so much

I'm hoping I could find her there

The skyscrapers reached up so high

I looked up & got some dirt in my eye

Stepped in the road - was almost hit by a bus

Then some street folk came and took me for a ride

Folks round here they play a different tune

I hope my Gertie turns up soon

They say that I don't understand the rules

Ain't none these folks heard of a lazy afternoon?

I told myself I would never give up

But Gertie don't want to be found

Sure the city's fine but I've had enough

I'm going back to my home town

Must'a been dreamin - I woke up again

Back in town under the sycamore tree

Thought I heard her barking, turned and looked around

Gertie was right there with me!

She was right there with me

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